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Release 2.3

@ZyX-I ZyX-I released this · 19 commits to develop since this release

  • Added ability to hide domain part of the user name to common.env.user segment.
  • Added ability to show conda environment to virtualenv segment.
  • Added systemd service file.
  • Added ability to detect internal_ip interface using default gateway.
  • Added support for password-protected connections in mpd player bindings.
  • Added output option to i3wm.workspaces segment to filter workspaces based on their output.
  • Added “charging” indicator to battery segment.
  • Made tmux bindings show zoom indicator in window status.
  • Fixed tmux bindings so that they support tmux-2.1.
  • Fixed support for unicode characters in segment.


Release 2.2

@ZyX-I ZyX-I released this · 85 commits to develop since this release

  • Added support for newest psutil version.
  • Added support for non-SSL IMAP4 connection.
  • Added support for clickable tab names in Vim.
  • Added support for truncating tmux segments.
  • Added support for new (i3ipc) module that interacts with i3.
  • Added support for i3 modes.
  • Fixed coloring of network_load segment.
  • Fixed dash bindings on OS X.
  • Fixed parsing numbers starting with 2 supplied by POWERLINE_*_OVERRIDES environment variables.


Release 2.1.4

@ZyX-I ZyX-I released this · 125 commits to develop since this release

  • Fixed tmux support broken by 2.1.1.


Release 2.1.3

@ZyX-I ZyX-I released this · 135 commits to develop since this release

  • Fixed powerline-render arguments parsing.


Release 2.1.1

@ZyX-I ZyX-I released this · 142 commits to develop since this release

  • Added support for placing powerline on the left in qtile.
  • Added qtile-1.9 support.
  • Fixed tmux-2.0 support.
  • Made it easier to run tests outside of travis.
  • Added some missing highlight groups.
  • Made it omit writing empty above lines.
  • Fixed UnicodeEncodeError when running powerline-lint with non-ASCII characters in error messages.
  • Fixed code that replaces &statusline value: it now is able to replace non-ASCII &statuslines as well.


Release 2.1

@ZyX-I ZyX-I released this · 236 commits to develop since this release

  • Added BAR support.
  • Added support for pdb (Python debugger) prompt.
  • Added more highlight groups to solarized colorscheme.
  • Updated zpython bindings.
  • Fixed C version of the client on non-Linux platforms.
  • Fixed some errors in powerline-lint code.
  • Fixed Python-2.6 incompatibilities in


Release 2.0

@ZyX-I ZyX-I released this · 294 commits to develop since this release

Added functionality:

  • Added fbterm (framebuffer terminal emulator) support.
  • Added theme with unicode-7.0 symbols. (Note: most software is not ready for it yet, including all Python-2* versions.)
  • Added support for PyPy3.
  • Compiler is now called with CFLAGS from environment in if present.
  • Added support for pyuv-1.*.
  • Added a way to write error log to Vim global variable.
  • powerline script now supports overrides from $POWERLINE_CONFIG_OVERRIDES, $POWERLINE_THEME_OVERRIDES environment variables, so does powerline-config script.
  • powerline and powerline-config scripts now support taking paths from $POWERLINE_CONFIG_PATHS.
  • powerline-lint is now able to report dictionaries which were merged in to form marked dictionary and what were the previous values of overridden values.
  • Added support for Byron Rakitzis’ rc shell reimplementation.
  • Added support for querying battery status on cygwin platform.


  • Vim: made all mode strings have equal width.
  • Vim: fixed intermediate Vim-7.3* support.
  • Fixed typo in battery segment implementation that made it not possible to fall back to next implementation if UPower is not available, but dbus is.
  • Fixed libzpython overrides and modes support.
  • Fixed Python-3* support in zpython bindings.
  • Fixed checking of themes located in user configuration directories in powerline-lint.
  • powerline-daemon now allows --foreground argument to be used in conjunction with --replace.
  • Fixed outdated tmux versions support (1.6 and 1.7).

Incompatible changes:

  • Removed CtrlP support. If one wants to readd it make sure to fix problems listed in 4e6b0a7.
  • highlight_group key in segment description (both in configuration and in function output) was renamed to highlight_groups (note the trailing s).
  • attr key in colorschemes was renamed to attrs key (note the trailing s).
  • All highlight groups looking like were renamed to foo:bar: dot in highlight group names is no longer allowed.
  • detect argument value was renamed to auto in network segments.
  • $POWERLINE_COMMAND is now a single path to one executable. No arguments to the executable are allowed inside $POWERLINE_COMMAND. Overrides using argument to $POWERLINE_COMMAND are now deprecated.
  • In place of overrides being part of $POWERLINE_COMMAND variable all shell and tmux bindings now support overrides from $POWERLINE_CONFIG_OVERRIDES and $POWERLINE_THEME_OVERRIDES environment variables.
  • In place of config paths specified as a part of $POWERLINE_COMMAND variable paths are now taken from $POWERLINE_CONFIG_PATHS environment variable.
  • $POWERLINE_CONFIG was replaced with $POWERLINE_CONFIG_OVERRIDES for zpython bindings when talking about overrides.
  • $POWERLINE_THEME_CONFIG was renamed to $POWERLINE_THEME_OVERRIDES in zpython bindings.
  • $POWERLINE_CONFIG was replaced with $POWERLINE_CONFIG_COMMAND in all shell bindings when talking about path to powerline-config executable.
  • In Vim in place of g:powerline_theme_overrides__{theme_name} per-theme dictionaries g:powerline_theme_overrides dictionary should be used. Theme names in this case are top-level keys in the new dictionary.
  • In IPython configuration paths list can be specified via config_paths option, not via paths option.
  • Some long options that defined overrides were renamed:
    • --theme_option was renamed to --theme-override.
    • --config was renamed to --config-override. Note that these options are deprecated and shall be used for testing purposes only.
  • All long options that used to have underscore in them are now using HYPHEN-MINUS instead. I.e.
    • --config_path was renamed to --config-path.
    • --last_pipe_status was renamed to --last-pipe-status.
    • --renderer_arg was renamed to --renderer-arg.
    • --theme_option was renamed to --theme-override. Short options were not touched.
  • All segments from powerline.segments.common were removed. Now they live in powerline.segments.common submodules: e.g. is now List of available segments can be found in documentation, section Common segments.
  • Segments powerline.segments.common.now_playing and powerline.segments.common.players.now_playing were removed. In place of them all players should be accessed via their own segments. List of segments is available in Media players.


Release 1.3.1

@ZyX-I ZyX-I released this · 471 commits to develop since this release

  • Fixed Command-T finder labels: now CommandT:: and Finder:: parts are removed because all finders were moved to CommandT::Finder module in place of just CommandT.
  • Fixed dbus players support: it is now OK not to have album title.
  • Characters that form the surrogate pair that represents some character above U+10000 in UCS-2 Python builds are no longer considered non-printable.
  • Added support for calculating lengths of the characters above U+10000 in UCS-2 Python builds.
  • Made linter support characters above U+10000 if they are represented as a \uXXXX\uXXXX surrogate pair in JSON.
  • Made linter validate that all characters in some strings are printable.
  • Made powerline-daemon work in FreeBSD: only use abstract socket namespace on linux systems.
  • Fixed string and safe_unicode functions in Python-3.
  • Fixed colors and alignment in tmux powerline bindings.


Release 1.3

@ZyX-I ZyX-I released this · 513 commits to develop since this release

  • Added support for Command-T plugin statusline.
  • Added support for csv files (displays current column and column header if applicable).
  • Added support for capslock plugin.
  • Added support for ZLE_RPROMPT_INDENT in zsh bindings.
  • Made tmux bindings respect powerline configuration (powerline colorschemes and left dividers configuration).
  • Made tagbar segment use caching.
  • Fixed build in case no C compiler was found.
  • Fixed old Vims support.
  • Fixed non-unicode directories support in non-zpython shell bindings when using Python-2.
  • Fixed tcsh prompt escaping: also escapes the bang.
  • Various improvements useful for debugging.
  • Improved style of help messages.
  • Added manual pages.


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