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Powerman's Gentoo overlay
Shell Groff
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Latest commit f7db43d @powerman update runit-scripts
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app-emulation app-emulation/vmware-macos-unlocker: install darwin.iso
dev-inferno/inferno update re2 for inferno
dev-lua/luaposix dev-lua/luaposix: added keyword ~x86
dev-python/pygtkglext removed outdated packages, minor package updates
dev-vcs/vcprompt fix dev-vcs/vcprompt-9999
mail-mta/netqmail add netqmail-1.06-r4.ebuild with epatch_user
media-fonts developer-fonts: improve deps
media-plugins/gst-plugins-ffmpeg switch overlay format from Tar to Mercurial
media-sound fix typo
metadata add metadata/layout.conf for portage-2.2 compatibility
net-ftp/twoftpd update to net-ftp/twoftpd-1.42
net-im/skype4pidgin added skypeweb protocol to net-im/skype4pidgin
net-mail/queue-repair add net-mail/queue-repair
net-misc add net-misc/dropbox-3.12.4
net-p2p update rtorrent
net-proxy/3proxy 3proxy: fix doc
power-misc update runit-scripts
profiles added 32bit support on amd64 for dev-libs/libre2
runit-service add service-docker
sys-apps/ucspi-ssl add verbose patch for ucspi-ssl
sys-libs/libixp remove outdated sys-libs/gpm
sys-power/upsmon-usb fix sys-power/upsmon-usb deps
sys-process sync with portage
x11-misc/xse removed outdated packages, minor package updates
x11-plugins/telegram-purple add telegram-purple update README

My overlay for Gentoo Linux


Modified portage packages:

  • sys-process/runit: removed default files in /etc/runit/ (they're in power-misc/runit-scripts)

New packages:

  • runit-service/service-*: my ./run files for many runit services (3proxy, acpid, pppd+pppoe, agetty, apache, dbus, dcron, dhcpd, djbdns, gpm, i2p, mysql, nginx, nut, qmail, samba, socklog, ssh, tftpd, twoftpd, …)
  • power-misc/runit-scripts: my runit boot scripts (replacement for sysvinit/baselayout/openrc boot scripts)

OS Inferno

New packages:


Modified portage packages:

  • mail-mta/netqmail: added outgoingips patch
  • net-ftp/twoftpd: added patch which block TELNET_IAC support to allow using character with code 255 in file names (required to support Cyrillic file names in Windows CP1251 encoding)
  • net-p2p/i2p: usually newer version than available in portage
  • net-p2p/rtorrent: added colors patch

New packages:

  • media-sound/cue2tracks: split audio CD image files with cue sheet to tracks and write tags
  • media-sound/flaccl: CUDA-enabled FLAC encoder (former FlaCuda)
  • net-im/skype4pidgin: Skype API plugin for Pidgin

New packages (my software):

  • media-fonts/developer-font: Cyrillic fonts for X and console (UNICODE/ISO10646-1, KOI8-R, MICROSOFT-CP1251) screenshots
  • media-fonts/russify: very nice Cyrillic console font from unknown source (both for text mode and framebuffer@1280 mode), consoletrans tables for dos/koi/win encodings, keymaps for dos/koi/win (2 variants - one for AltGr eng/rus switching and second for Ctrl+Shift switching)
  • power-misc/addgpginfo: script which add GnuPG info into email headers while delivering (for use in .qmail)
  • power-misc/deliver: control email delivery (for use in .qmail)
  • power-misc/greysmtpd: soft greylisting (for qmail)
  • power-misc/powerbackup: simple and flexible incremental backup
  • power-misc/powerutils: a bundle of useful small utilities
  • power-misc/powerwatchdog: simple watchdogs for server and service monitoring
  • power-misc/remote: ease to use wrapper tools for ssh and scp


Install layman if you doesn't have it yet:

# emerge layman

Next fetch list of available overlays and add my overlay:

# layman -L
# layman -a powerman
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