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+Hey there and thank you for using PowerMock
+Please read the following tips before filing an issue:
+Is this something you can debug and fix?
+Can you see anything in the logs? Can you debug why this happens? **Send a pull request**! Bug fixes and documentation fixes are very welcome.
+Is this question about PowerMock usage?
+The better way to ask question:
+* The mailing-list :!forum/powermock /
+* [Stackoverflow]( with the tag 'powermock'. (Make sure you **include a short code snippet to demonstrate the problem** and if you have an exception then make sure **include stack trace**.)
+None of the above, want to create a GitHub issue
+In order to help us to clarify issue can you answer the following question:
+What steps will reproduce the problem?
+What is the expected output?
+What do you see instead?
+What version of the product are you using?
+On what operating system?
+Please provide any additional information below.

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