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# import the main window object (mw) from ankiqt
from aqt import mw
# import the "show info" tool from
from aqt.utils import showInfo
# import all of the Qt GUI library
from aqt.qt import *
import io, json, os, subprocess
SYNC_CMD = ['rsync', '-rcz', '--stats']
def shellquote(s):
return "'" + s.replace("'", "'\\''") + "'"
def getPaths():
db_path = os.path.dirname(mw.col.path)
json_filename = os.path.join(db_path, 'anki-slideshow.json')
media_path = os.path.join(db_path, '')
return json_filename, media_path
def getPrevData():
json_filename, media_path = getPaths()
prev_data = json.load(, 'r', encoding='utf-8'))
except IOError:
prev_data = {}
return prev_data
def exportCardsToWeb():
json_filename, media_path = getPaths()
export = {
"decks": {},
"cards": {}
for deck in mw.col.decks.all():
deckName = deck['name']
if deckName == 'Custom Study Session': continue
export["decks"][deckName] = mw.col.findCards("deck:'%s'" % deckName)
for card in mw.col.renderQA(None, "all"):
id = card["id"]
del card["id"]
tags = mw.col.getNote(mw.col.getCard(id).nid).tags
for tag in tags:
if tag[0:11] == "zz_lecture_":
card["lec"] = int(tag[11:])
export["cards"][id] = card
# If there is no sync target saved in the previous configuration, ask for it
prev_data = getPrevData()
while prev_data.has_key('sync_target') is False:
prev_data = getSyncTarget(prev_data)
export['sync_target'] = prev_data['sync_target']
with, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as f:
f.write(unicode(json.dumps(export, ensure_ascii=False)))
err = None
if export['sync_target'] != '':
args = SYNC_CMD + [json_filename, media_path, export['sync_target']]
out = subprocess.check_output(' '.join(map(shellquote, args)), stderr=subprocess.STDOUT, shell=True)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as err:
# Show the results of what we've done
if err is not None:
# The sync command returned with a nonzero code
showInfo("Sync command failed with code %d. Here's the output:\n%s" % (err.returncode, err.output))
# There were no errors.
showInfo("Cards exported: %d\n\nSync results:\n%s" % (len(export["cards"]), out))
def getSyncTarget(prev_data = None):
json_filename, media_path = getPaths()
label = '''You'll need to sync the files to the anki-data folder in the Rack application.
Enter the [[username@]hostname:]path to the anki-data folder (which can be on another server).
We'll try to use rsync to automatically copy them. Ensure that you have permissions to rsync -r
to this destination, and if it is remote, set up SSH keys so that a password is not required.'''
called_during_export = prev_data is not None
if not called_during_export: prev_data = getPrevData()
prev_target = prev_data.get('sync_target', False)
if prev_target is False: prev_target = EXAMPLE_SYNC_TARGET
if called_during_export:
label += "\n\nIf you intend to move/symlink files into the anki-data folder manually, click Cancel."
text, ok = QInputDialog.getText(mw, 'Set Sync Destination', label, QLineEdit.Normal, prev_target)
if ok:
prev_data['sync_target'] = text
elif called_during_export:
prev_data['sync_target'] = ''
if called_during_export:
return prev_data
# The export will not write this to disk, we have to do it ourselves
with, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as f:
f.write(unicode(json.dumps(prev_data, ensure_ascii=False)))
# create new menu items for both of those functions and add them to the Tools menu
action = QAction("Export Cards to Anki-Slideshow", mw)
mw.connect(action, SIGNAL("triggered()"), exportCardsToWeb)
action = QAction("Change Sync Destination for Anki-Slideshow", mw)
mw.connect(action, SIGNAL("triggered()"), getSyncTarget)