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Module that allows Windows PowerShell Modules to be used from PSCore6
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Windows PowerShell Compatibility

This module provides PowerShell Core 6 compatibility with existing Windows PowerShell scripts and modules by:

  • Enable adding the Windows PowerShell PSModulePath
    • Note that some Windows PowerShell modules (like CDXML based) will work fine with PowerShell Core 6, but others may not be fully compatible
  • Enable using implicit remoting to utilize Windows PowerShell cmdlets from PowerShell Core 6 for modules that are not compatible directly


The WindowsCompatibility Module is available in the PowerShell Gallery. To install the module, run the following from PowerShell:

Install-Module WindowsCompatibility -Scope CurrentUser

Quick Start

Viewing the local computer's Event Log from PowerShell Core:

Import-WinModule Microsoft.PowerShell.Management
Get-EventLog -Newest 5 -LogName "Application"

View the Event Log on a remote computer from PowerShell Core:

$Credential = Get-Credential
Initialize-WinSession -ComputerName SQLSERVER01 -Credential $Credential
Import-WinModule Microsoft.PowerShell.Management
Get-EventLog -Newest 5 -LogName "Application"

View more in the Quick Start Guide.


The project documentation is located in the docs directory.


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