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Welcome to the Power TAC Server Wiki


This space is for managing the development of the server for the Power TAC competitive simulation. Please feel free to add material to existing pages or to create new pages.

This space is for discussing and communicating design and implementation details of the server. At the site you will find an overview and public wiki that is primarily focused on the needs of potential participants.


  • Specification: 2018 Power TAC game specification.

  • Issues: We use the powertac-server issue-tracker for tracking issues across all elements of the project. All other modules should have their issue-trackers disabled; if some do not, it's a mistake.

  • Discussions: Please subscribe to the developers mailing list at

  • Papers: Can be found at

  • Data: Ryan and Erik have written up info on accessing public weather data and wholesale price data.

  • Javadoc: We generate documentation on the Minnesota Jenkins CI server. Both the sample broker use the server use the core module. Note that the common package has a bit more content in the server version, because the server-interface module adds some server-specific content to the that package.

  • Continuous integration We use the Jenkins CI platform at Minnesota to run a continuous integration process. Each time the master branch of a module is updated, it will be pulled into jenkins and rebuilt, and all tests run. This system also generates up-to-date javadocs.

Getting Started

Find out how to set up a development environment and hook up to the various tools that we use to share and coordinate our work.

Development Policies

Coding/Documentation guidelines, issue tracking, testing and committing code.

Game Design

Discussion of game design on the participant's wiki. Mostly older material.


Details on the structure of the Power TAC software system.


Information about the various models that are part of the Power TAC simulation

Tournaments and Experiments

What is a tournament, what is an experiment, what's needed to run them, and how do you set them up?

Roles and Tasks

Who is working on what?


Older content, mostly obsolete

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