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Dynamic keys #54

kwizzn opened this Issue · 2 comments

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This obviously won't work:

var dynamicDeepKey = 'foo';
model.set({ 'prefix.' + dynamicDeepKey: true });

All I can think of to solve this are hacky solutions like using "prefix.$dynamicDeepKey" as a key and replacing all keys beginning with "$" with something that needs to be provided e.g. in the options map, like so:

model.set({ 'prefix.$dynamicDeepKey': true }, { keys: {
    dynamicDeepKey: 'foo'
} });

Can anyone think of a better idea?


It's slightly more verbose, but how about using []?

var dynamicDeepKey = 'foo',
    objectToSet = {};
objectToSet['prefix.' + dynamicDeepKey] = true;

Straightforward, you're right, @mgevans. I was just wondering if the plugin addresses that issue as well as it does with the array index notation:


@kwizzn kwizzn closed this
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