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@@ -735,11 +735,21 @@ Writing a custom editor is simple. They must extend from Backbone.Form.editors.B
- Where a template is used, (e.g. advanced editors, field etc.), the entirety of the HTML is now defined in the template to make custom templating easier.
- All templates must now have a main 'parent' element.
- Create new List, Date and DateTime editors that don't rely on jQuery UI.
+ - You will still need to use jQuery UI editors for the calendar.
+ - For list items of type `Object` and `NestedModel` you must include a modal adapter, such as the included Bootstrap Modal one. Should create one for jQuery UI.
+- Improve the way dependencies are defined and module is exported for browser & CommonJS
+- Add underscore dependency to AMD version
+- Use [buildify]( for building distribution files.
- Rename jQuery UI editors to jqueryui.List, jqueryui.Date, jqueryui.DateTime. These may be moved to a separate repository soon.
- Fix #65 Number editor Firefox NaN bug
- Fix bug with hidden fields (jeffutter)
- Fix AMD distribution bug (ikr)
+####Required changes when upgrading:
+- List editor:
+ - Change 'listType' to 'itemType' in schema definition.
+ - Make sure you have a modal adapter included if using Object and NestedModel itemTypes. See the List editor section.
- Added ability to use a custom template compiler (geowa4)
- Added distribution files (development and minified production versions)

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