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pown-apps Gitter

Pown App Launcher

Pown App Launcher brings many security-related web applications in the context of the Pown framework. Currently, only SecApps applications are available. Please submit pull-requests to add additional apps.

What are Pown Apps

Pown Apps is a paradigm shift in how we deploy, execute and interact with rich applications. Most security tools are stuck with rudimentary command-line interfaces. While undoubtfully useful and elegant, there are times when you need better tools to explore output interactively with very rich desktop applications.

With help of SecApps, we pulled together a rich application environment which can interact with many pown commands and modules.

Use Cases

The Pown Apps are compatible with standard command line concepts. Here are a few ideas how to use Pown Apps with the SecApps tools.

  • Build interactive network map in Recon by processing PCAP files or a live sniff
  • Use HTTPView to Preview and interact with any stream of HTTP traffic (captured live or from file) - automatic vulnerability detection is also possible
  • Send HTTP requests from command line apps to rest to interact and rebuild dynamically using powerful UI controls
  • Alternative to Wireshark using SecApps Packets app.
  • Reverse-engineer binary files using BinView
  • Automatic screenshots for web applications, VNC, RDP and other types of interactive sessions.

These are just a few of the use-cases Pown Apps make possible.

Getting Started

You have a number of options when installing pown-apps.

Install pown apps standalone

The package pown-apps can be run standalone:

$ npm install -g pown-apps

To use type:

$ pown-apps

Install the pown distribution

The default pown distribution also contains pown-apps. To install pown:

$ npm install -g pown

To use type:

$ pown apps