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Linux build

Everything is automated on Linux using a Dockerfile. To build Docker image, run the following command (proxy related arguments are optionals).

docker build -t powsybl-math-native --build-arg proxy_host=<HOST> --build-arg proxy_port=<PORT> --build-arg proxy_username=<USER> --build-arg proxy_password=<PWD> .

Once docker image has been built, we can retrieved native jar:

docker run --name powsybl-math-native-tmp powsybl-math-native /bin/true
docker cp powsybl-math-native-tmp:/powsybl-math-native/build/powsybl-math-linux_64-1.0.0.jar /tmp
docker rm powsybl-math-native-tmp

Windows build

Following components have to be installed:

python -m pip install six

Jar installation

To install jars in local repository:

mvn install
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