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CGMES, merge and security analysis tutorial

In this tutorial, we learn how to import two CGMES files. The CGMES files are from two bordering countries: Belgium and Netherlands. These files are imported as two different networks and then merged in a single network. The second part of this tutorial aims at computing a security analysis on this network.

Note that the boundary files in CGMES format are stored in each CGMES archive. From the version 2.5.0 of PowSyBl, the boundary files will be stored once and the path will be given by the config.yml file.

In order to perform a security analysis, we need a load flow.

How to install the loadflow simulator

In the tutorial, we use Hades2, a RTE load-flow tool. Please visit the Hades2 documentation to learn how to install Hades2 on your computer. Note that Hades2 only works on Linux and on Windows for the moment.

How to configure this tutorial

The configuration file is :


In this tutorial, you have to configure the path to Hades2. Please visit the loadflow feature to configure it.

You also have to configure the path to a local computation directory (Hades2 temporary files will be stored here). Please visit this page to learn how to do it.

Running the tutorial

To run this tutorial, you just need to execute the following command lines:

cd <path_to_powsybl_tutorials>/cgmes/
mvn compile exec:java
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