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Export Tool to export contents of the Volxbibel Wiki (or any other MediaWiki) into a readable RTF (Rich Text Format) file.
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How to use

  • Rename /config/config.template.php into config.php.
  • Set the constant WIKI_SERVER, to the domain and path to your MediaWiki installation, with http:// but no trailing /.
  • Set WIKI_USER and WIKI_PASSWORD for a wiki user which has the rights to export data from the MediaWiki.


  • PHP > 5

PEAR Packages and all their dependencies, see /config/bootstrap.php:

  • HTTP_Request
  • Text_Wiki_Mediawiki

They can be installed by pear install --force --alldeps HTTP_Request Text_Wiki_Mediawiki.

Support and Contact

Please fill in a Issue.


Simon Brüchner 2008, 2012


MIT for all the code I coded. There is also a rtf library in the libs folder but I don't know where it is from...

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