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MariaDB C++ Wrapper

Simple wrapper that adds C++ class object on top of the MariaDB C connector. This does not impliment all the fucntions and features of the MySQL C++ connector but will handle basic operations.

When the class is initialized, the server, user, and password are entered as the constructors to set up the connection.

setConnect() - create a connection to MariaDB

setDisconnect() - disconnect from MariaDB

getStatus() - indicates if there is an active connection to the server

setQuery(string newQuery) - Execute a MySQL statement with no return

getResults(string newQuery) - Execute a MySQL statement that returns results

getRow() - return entire row of results, every call will iterate it further

getNumCol() - return number of columns in the result set

getColName(int input) - returns the name of the column of the number entered as a string

getField(int colnum) - returns the value in the field on the current row as a string

storeResult(string newQuery) - Execute a MySQL statement and results will be stored in RAM

freeResult() - clears out data stored by getResult()

getError() - returns mysql error message and error number

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