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Copy Color Sketch Plugin

This is a Sketch 4 ( Plugin that provides shortcut for copying a layer's fill color (with shift + command + f) or border's fill color (with shift + command + b) to clipboard. If you need to quickly grab the hex code of either the layer fill color or border color within Sketch and paste it somewhere else, then this plugin may save you some time.


  1. Download this Plugin
  2. Double clicking the plugin file to automatically install
  3. The shortcut should now be available under the Plugin's menu in Sketch

Using the Plugin

Copy Layer Fill Color

Select a layer with fill color and press Shift + Command + f. The hex code should now be copied to your clipboard and ready to be pasted.

Copy Border Fill Color

Select a layer with border color and press Shift + Command + b. Paste anywhere you see fit.

Note that the Shift + Command + f overwrites the Sketch default enter full screen shortcut, you can set your own shortcut by editing the plugin file at the top to avoid conflict. e.g. (shift cmd f) -> (shift cmd o)

Copy Text Color

Select a text object and press Shift + Command + x. Paste away!

Install PLUGIN NAME with Sketchpacks


Plugin that provides shortcut to copy layer fill color, border color, or text color to your clipboard for Sketch 4






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