Script to create calendars for Glasgow MathsJam
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The Glasgow MathsJam meets on the second-to-last Tuesday of the month.

I, like many other people in these degenerate days, keep my appointments and
other events in a trusted external system, which in my case is Google Calendar.

The iCal spec provides for events recurring on, for instance, the
second-to-last Tuesday of the month.

Google Calendar does not implement this part of the spec.

Hence, this program.


You'll need the Perl interpreter installed; this comes installed by default on
all non-stupid operating systems. If you're unfortunate enough to be using a
stupid operating system, visit for download instructions.

You will need to install the following CPAN modules:

* Data::ICal
* Data::ICal::DateTime
* DateTime::Event::Recurrence

On most Unix systems, this is as simple as typing

    cpan Data::ICal Data::ICal::DateTime DateTime::Event::Recurrence

at a command-prompt and possibly answering some easy questions.


Edit the file so that the $start and $end variables cover the range
of dates you care about. [Yes, this is ugly. Patches plz?]

Run the program, and capture the output:

    ./ > mathsjam.ics

Import mathsjam.ics into your calendaring program, or stick it up on the Web,
or whatever you want to do with it.