The Arduino library for use with the pozyx accurate indoor positioning system.
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The Arduino library for use with the pozyx shield.

Please download a release version for a safely stable experience!

The library requires firmware version 1.1 installed on the Pozyx devices. If you're on an older version of the firmware and do not want to upgrade for some reason, please download an older release of the library according to their respective release description.

Documentation for the library can be found here:

If you encounter any issues, please send a mail to instead of creating an issue here.

The following folders can be found together with this library:

  1. examples. These example scripts showcase some basic functionality of the Pozyx device, each example comes with a tutorial that can be found on the pozyx website
  2. unit_test. This folder contains a collection of Arduino scripts that can be run to test certain functionalities of the Pozyx device. They also serve as some good examples for some Arduino library functions.
  3. useful. This folder contains a number of useful Arduino sketches that provide basic functionality such as discovering all pozyx devices or configuring them.