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Releases: pozzum/DKC3Randomizer

Koin Randomizing Added.

04 Jun 20:22
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Koin Randomizer Option Added under the "Reduce Level Gimmicks" option.

Water In Level parameter added to spawn locations

Aquaphobic Parameter added to Enemies, Mainly Squitter the spider for now.

Spoiler form fixes and xml exports

29 May 03:51
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This release fixes an issue with the spoiler form when using the "reduce level gimmicks" button.

This also allows for exporting and importing of xml files from this menu.

Updated Options Menu

By default the program will not export xmls however if you supply a spoiler save location it can place xmls there when a rom is generated.

This will have the same prefix as the name of your randomized rom.

I do hope to get more testing and troubleshooting done along with some other ideas.


26 May 18:15
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Only Change for this is the addition of the auto-updater.

Alpha Alpha KAOS edition

26 May 00:55
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Randomizes most enemies of the game. Some are kept the same for levels to be consistent.

There is very little logic currently and I would suggest to play on a 103% save.