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Upgrading to Pancake 1.5
This release of Pancake contains an updated init script for Debian GNU/Linux. It can be used and installed just like the old one, updating
is recommended. See for instructions.
Pancake 1.5 introduces a completely rewritten PHP SAPI. Performance has largely increased and compatibility with native PHP SAPIs is much higher
now. The new SAPI also requires some changes in the Pancake vHost PHP settings. The old settings
- PHPResetClassStaticObjects
- PHPResetClassStaticNonObjects
- PHPResetFunctionStaticObjects
- PHPResetFunctionStaticNonObjects
- PHPResetObjectsDestroyDestructors
- PHPInfoPancake
- PHPInfoPancakevHosts
have been completely removed. Instead, Pancake 1.5 introduces the following new PHP cleanup settings, all default to true when not set:
- PHPDestroyObjects
- PHPCleanUserFunctionData
- PHPCleanUserClassData
In case you didn't touch the old settings and kept them at their default values, you probably won't need to change anything now in your vHost
configuration. However, if you were using CodeCache you should take a look at them. In case you were using CodeCache not only for keeping source
code loaded, but also for storing data in memory across requests you probably want to set these three settings to false.
Please note that it is not possible to define excludes from constant autodeletion anymore and that instead of different settings for classes,
interfaces and traits there is only one setting for autodeletion of classes, which will apply to traits and interfaces too.
The Pancake\HTTPRequest::setCookie() method has been removed.
Pancake 1.5 contains a new (still experimental) feature for PHP developers, allowing to let PHP automatically throw exceptions when an E_WARNING,
E_USER_WARNING or E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR is about to be emitted.
Pancake\SetErrorHandling($mode[, $class = "Exception"])
must either be Pancake\EH_NORMAL to disable exception error handling or Pancake\EH_THROW to enable error handling via exceptions.
can be set to a custom class for the thrown exceptions, which must be derived from the \Exception class. The $severity property of the thrown
exception will always be set, so \ErrorException can be used.
Upgrading to Pancake 1.4
Some default configuration values have changed in Pancake 1.4. Please look at the changelog for further information. It is especially
recommended to disable PHP wait slots (main.waitSlotWaitLimit = 0) when upgrading from older Pancake versions since those are not needed
in most cases.
The former vHost setting "writeLimit" has been moved to the "main" configuration section. For compatibility, Pancake looks up the highest
"writeLimit" value from all vHosts and uses this one if it's higher than the "main.writeLimit" value. It is recommended to remove the
"writeLimit" setting from all vHosts and set a new, reasonable value in the "main" configuration. The new default value for "main.writeLimit"
is 1048576.
Please note that the "filter" extension binary MUST be called exactly "" if loaded as a dynamic vHost PHP module. Other extensions are
not affected by this limitation.
Enjoy your tasty Pancake 1.4!
Upgrading to Pancake 1.3
There are two compatibility changes in Pancake 1.3 that should be noted.
First, Pancake does not work with PHP 5.3 anymore. Please upgrade to PHP 5.4.
Debian 6.0 Squeeze users may install a newer version of PHP from the dotdeb repository:
See "instructions" on their web page for more information.
Second, if you are using a custom exception page handler you should make sure not to use Pancake\HTTPRequest::$answerCodes anymore.
This will cause a crash. Instead you may get the string corresponding to an answer code using the new Pancake\HTTPRequest::getAnswerCodeString()
function. Example:
Instead of calling
you should use
That's all. In case you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact :-)
Have fun with Pancake 1.3!