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Available since Pancake 1.2.

Some softwares (for example Jenkins CI) can only be used via AJP13 (Apache JServlet Protocol 13) behind other HTTP servers. Here is an explanation about how to use such softwares with Pancake.

First, make sure that your JServlet Container is configured and running.

Then, configure Pancake. Add this to the top level configuration of Pancake:

    type: <type>
    address: <address>
    port: <address>
    maxconcurrent: <maxConcurrent>

<name> is the name of the AJP13 configuration. You will need it later.

<type> is either "unix", "ipv4" or "ipv6", depending on whether you want to connect to the JServlet Container via unix sockets (recommended) or via Internet Protocol.

<address> In case you used "unix" as type, enter the socket file name here. For "ipv4" and "ipv6" enter the IP address the JServlet Container is listening on.

<port> is the TCP port the JServlet Container is listening on, only needed when using "ipv4" or "ipv6".

<maxConcurrent> is the concurrency limit for this AJP13 configuration. AJP13 does not support connection multiplexing, therefore high concurrency can create high load for both HTTP server and JServlet container. When the limit is reached, Pancake will abort further requests with "502 Bad Gateway". Setting this to 0 will cause Pancake to keep an unlimited amount of concurrent connections open.

After having set up the AJP13 configuration, add it to your vHost's configuration file(s):

AJP13: <name>

You can add a single AJP13 configuration to as many vHosts as you want.

Now you've finished configuring AJP13. Restart Pancake and try it out! :)