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#include "Pancake.h"
typedef void (*PancakeSchedulerEventCallback)(void *arg);
typedef struct _PancakeSchedulerEvent {
UNative time;
PancakeSchedulerEventCallback callback;
void *arg;
struct _PancakeSchedulerEvent *prev;
struct _PancakeSchedulerEvent *next;
} PancakeSchedulerEvent;
PANCAKE_API PancakeSchedulerEvent *PancakeSchedule(UNative time, PancakeSchedulerEventCallback callback, void *arg);
PANCAKE_API void PancakeUnschedule(PancakeSchedulerEvent *event);
PANCAKE_API UNative PancakeSchedulerGetNextExecutionTime(); /* returns >= time() */
PANCAKE_API UNative PancakeSchedulerGetNextExecutionTimeOffset(); /* return >= 0 */
PANCAKE_API UNative PancakeSchedulerGetNextScheduledTime(); /* returns actual scheduled time (can be < time()) */
PANCAKE_API void PancakeSchedulerRun();
void PancakeSchedulerShutdown();
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