Python library to control a Saleae Logic Analyzer
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This library implements the control protocol for the Saleae Logic Analyzer. It is based off of the documentation and example here:

IMPORTANT: You must enable the 'Remote Scripting Server' in Saleae. Click on "Options" in the top-right, the "Developer" tab, and check "Enable scripting socket server". This should not require a restart.

This library requires Saleae Logic 1.2.x or greater. Unfortunately there is no way to check the version of Logic running using the scripting protocol so this is difficult to check at runtime.

Currently, this is basically a direct mapping of API calls with some small sanity checking and conveniences. It has not been extensively tested beyond my immediate needs, but it also should not have any known problems.

To get a feel for how the library works and what it can do, try the built-in demo:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import saleae

Issues, updates, pull requests, etc should be directed to github.


The easiest method is to simply use pip:

(sudo) pip install saleae


import saleae
s = saleae.Saleae()