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Further changes are documented in the 'Changes' file
Version 0.09 30.9.2007
- Markus Baertschi,
Added stringml for multi-line strings
Changed get_page_size to case-independent
Version 0.08 3.9.2007
- Markus Baertschi,
Get back in sync with CPAN/PAUSE
Fixed check for open file in
Touched up the README
Version 0.07
- Markus Baertschi,
Added image samples to
Touched up the README
Added check for open file in JPEG/GIFImages
Version 0.06
- Fabien Tassin
Added support for JPEG and GIF images
- Markus Baertschi,
Packaged for release on CPAN
Version 0.01
- Fabien Tassin
Original Release
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