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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Changes.PL
# Create the 'Changes' file automatically from git commit messages
# and versioning tags in the repository.
# This script is designed to be run only on the PDF::Create maintainers
# workstation and is not needed to install PDF::Create.
use strict;
# Bail out with non-alarming error message if git or the correct repository
# is missing or not right.
my $user;
my $git=`which git`;
chomp $git;
if (! -x $git) {
printf "Skipping... (git not found/installed)\n";
exit (0);
if (! ($user=`git config --get 2>/dev/null`)) {
printf "Skipping... (git not found/installed or not defined)\n";
exit (0);
chop $user;
if ("$user" ne "Markus Baertschi") {
printf "Skipping... (not on maintainers workstation)\n";
exit (0);
# Read the git log and add version tab info
print "Creating chages file form git commit log\n";
open(OUT,">Changes") or die "Can not open 'Changes' for writing\n";
open(IN,"git log --abbrev-commit --pretty |") or die "Problem running git log\n";
# read the change log
if (/^commit /) {
# for each commit get the version from git
my $sha = (split(/ /,$_,2))[1];
$sha =~ s/\.\.\.$//;
my $ver = `git name-rev --tags $sha 2>/dev/null`;
chop $ver;
$ver =~ s/^.*\///;
$ver =~ s/~.*$//;
$ver =~ s/\^.*$//;
if ($ver =~ /.* undefined/) { $ver = "(no version yet)"; }
print OUT "commit $sha... PDF::Create $ver\n";
} else {
print OUT;