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Howto and Reference for PDF::Create Maintenance
This file is a short reference for me to avoid forgetting stuff.
Publish a new release:
- Make sure all changes are committed (git status)
- Verify/Fix $VERSION in lib/PDF/
-> This is the master for the version number
- Run make Makefile.PL
- Run make
- Run make manifest
- Run make test
- Run make dist
- Run git commit -a -m "Version x.yy"
- Run git tag -a 1.05 -m "PDF::Create Version 1.05"
- Upload tar.gz to
- Update $VERSION in lib/PDF/ to the future dev version
Example 1.05 -> 1.06-dev
- PerlTidy parameters: -ce -bar -sbl -l=132 -lp -vt=2 -cti=1 -sot