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Version 1.0

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@nbraud nbraud released this 07 Jul 18:55

This is the first release of ppb-vector where we commit to API stability. 馃帀

This is also the first stable release since v0.3, about a year and a half ago, and a lot changed since then.
There were no changes since v1.0b1.

What's new since v0.3!

  • Vectors are now 3脳 smaller and most methods saw a speedup between 30% and 50%. (#115)
    This is thanks to using __slots__ to reserve space for the coordinates.
  • There's a reference documentation for the API, available in your favorite IDE, and on Read The Docs. (#130)
  • There are annotations for type-checkers such as mypy.
  • We added a bunch of new methods:
    • angle, for computing the angle between 2 vectors; (#57, #68)
      it uses a numerically-stable formula (based on math.atan2) to guarantee adequate behaviour;
    • isclose, for checking whether 2 vectors are approximately equal; (#62, #64)
    • the / operator, vector-scalar division: v / 位 is (mostly) equivalent to (1 / 位) * v; (#79)
    • the + operator now supports adding vectors to vector-likes: (0, 1) + Vector(1, 0); (#151)
    • we made non-null vectors truth-y, and (0, 0) false-y. (#166)

Breaking changes since v0.3

  • Vectors are now immutable, as implemented by @dataclass(frozen=True) (#106)
  • Vector2 was renamed to Vector (#149)
  • Making subclasses of Vector isn't supported anymore (#149)

Improvements since v0.3

  • All methods support vector-likes. (#56)
  • Do not memoize the vector length, reducing memory usage at no computational cost. (#71)
  • Vector2 is now a dataclass, and as such support all related introspection functions, dataclasses.update, ... (#106)
  • asdict is a new method for converting vectors to vector-like dictionaries (#108).
  • rotate now uses higher-precision trigonometry, and better preserves vector lengths. (#89)
  • scale_to is now more precise, at the cost of possible overflows with vectors larger than 1e75. (#87)
  • Passing a Vector2 instance to the Vector2 constructor doesn't return a new object anymore. (#142)
    This is correct, as vectors are immutable, and saves up memory and time.
  • Support the pickle protocol (#147)
  • The update() method now has a more efficient implementation. (#167)

Bug fixes since v0.3

  • reflect was previously producing incorrect results when self * surface_normal > 0. (#63)
  • rotate was previously rounding its results, causing imprecision issues. (#67)
  • scale_to now deals correctly with invalid inputs (#81):
    • raise ValueError when passed a negative length;
    • raise ZeroDivisionError when scaling the null vector to a non-null length. (#95)

Non-functional changes since v0.3

  • Officially committed to semantic versioning (#165)
  • Automated our release process (#161, #170) to build and upload new versions to Github and PyPI (currently,