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Ember Mobile Kit

The project publishs Mobile UI components to be used on multiple touch devices.

The main idea behind:

  • Manage/Discuss the required features for a emberjs Mobile UIKit.
  • Reuse Mobile UIs components to be improved on its daily use.


  • Modal, Swipe ( stable ).

    • Scroll , Navigation and Tab Views (unstable)
  • PresenterView: manage application flow presenting animated views, building a chain of PresenterViews.

  • Animation Manager: using AnimatableMixin ( animates either default properties or own functions )

How to Run/Build

Building Ember-mk

Install/Updates gems with bundle install or bundle update and execute rake task, ember-mk will be created on the dist directory.

Import the js and css files to your project. Also include jquery.transit.js on your project.


As well as, jquery and ember, the project requires sproutcore/ember-touch

If you want to test against other ember/jquery/ember-touchs version, deployed the js on the examples/assets directory.


Currently, animations are done with jquery.transit.js. You can also use your own animations by just giving a function to the animate view method.


run bundle exec rackup



Current configuration of the Assetfile supports:

rake-pipeline-web-filters (0.6.0)
rake-pipeline (0.6.0)