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@medovina medovina English grammar fixes 5129fef
@ppcoingithubpeercoin ppcoingithubpeercoin Added illustrations and explanations for projected Money Supply (to help illustrate the rarity of the coins, and that no coin limit is not a threat) 7498e0e
@jooize jooize I'm all for a change to "Peercoin", but be consistent with the name within articles until a change is agreed upon and applied over the whole wiki. 823b79c
@ppcoingithubpeercoin ppcoingithubpeercoin Updated FAQ (markdown) 158ea6b
@ppcoingithubpeercoin ppcoingithubpeercoin Updated FAQ (markdown) 060c9c1
@ppcoingithubpeercoin ppcoingithubpeercoin Updated FAQ (markdown) 8efe6f2
@ppcoingithubpeercoin ppcoingithubpeercoin Updated FAQ (markdown) d316159
@ppcoingithubpeercoin ppcoingithubpeercoin energy efficient environmental standpoint 73bbb51
@ppcoingithubpeercoin ppcoingithubpeercoin Updated FAQ (markdown) 53c1a5a
@jooize jooize Restored two hyphens 9f300f6
@jooize jooize Added link to sample ppcoin.conf b5bd605
@jooize jooize Added line breaks in FAQ 8060604
@jooize jooize Updated FAQ (markdown) 4f317f2
@sunnyking sunnyking Updated FAQ (markdown) 74d5f05
@sunnyking sunnyking Updated FAQ (markdown) a960259
@sunnyking sunnyking Updated FAQ (markdown) 95ff0b0
@sunnyking sunnyking Updated FAQ (markdown) d6cec19
@sunnyking sunnyking Updated FAQ (markdown) 4cde4e4
@sunnyking sunnyking Updated FAQ (markdown) 566d9d0
@sunnyking sunnyking Updated FAQ (markdown) affb946
@sunnyking sunnyking Updated FAQ (markdown) 82df5c2
@sunnyking sunnyking Created FAQ (markdown) 435a09a
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