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imagineKatana - Imagine Renderer plugin for Katana

Peter Pearson

This is an integration of my Imagine Renderer into Katana 2.x.

As Imagine doesn't have a proper API yet, it's a slightly hacky situation of just hosting Imagine's infrastructure within the Katana Renderer plugin.

  • Supports both Preview and Live interactive rendering to Katana's monitor (with ID picking), and Disk Renders to EXR files.
  • Most of Imagine's integrated materials as uber-shaders in a primitive way, with some hard-coded (not generic) support for some network materials
  • Most light types are exposed
  • Polymesh and Subdmesh geometry (with proper subdivision in render), with options for quantising (compressing) attributes
  • instanceSource type instancing and a subset of instance array transform instances
  • 2 time sample (single motion segment) motion blur - both transform and deformation of meshes
  • HDR, TIFF and EXR image reading (both tiled and scanline for the latter two), although pre-mipmapped tiled EXRs are highly recommended for using texture caching

Requires Katana plugins_api directory for building Katana API lib, and Imagine's main src/ directory.

Video in action against Arnold 4.1.