This is six classes extracted from Apache Httpcomponents to make a tiny, self-contained library of implmentations of the HostnameVerifier interface.
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At the moment, this is not so much a library as a strawman, aimed at demonstrating one possible solution to the question discussed here:

which in turn is motivated by the problem here:

basically, my assertion is that:

  • there is no built-in hostname validation for JSSE when using plain old SSL sockets (as opposed to JSSE's HTTPS support) which is portable across Java 6, Java 7, and Android. (There is a solution for Java 7, and I believe there is a solution for Android, but the two are completely different, and there is no solution for Java 6.)

And my proposed solution is to extract the HostnameVerifier implementations from Apache HttpComponents, and put them into a small, self-contained library. (Which is this library. Or at least will be, once I add a proper build system and tests.) This seems to be relatively straightforward, and portable across the various Java implementations I want to target. I'm just curious whether there's a more accepted, "idiomatic" solution. Why has no one had a need for such a library before? (Or does one already exist?) Or does everyone just write their own hostname validation logic from scratch, and I'm the only person who wants a canned solution?

If I end up using this little library in the project I'm doing for my employer, I'll eventually give it a proper build system and some tests. Of course, if anyone gets to it before me, feel free to submit a pull request.