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-- Example for "Fish Dish" board.
-- Fish Dish uses some of the SPI pins as GPIO pins, so you'll need to
-- disable SPI in raspi-config if it is enabled.
-- You need to link this program with "-threaded", or deadlock will occur.
import Control.Concurrent
import Control.Exception
import Control.Monad
import System.Hardware.WiringPi
ledPins = map Gpio [4, 22, 9]
buzzerPin = Gpio 8
buttonPin = Gpio 7
outputPins = ledPins ++ [buzzerPin]
turnOff = forM_ outputPins $ \pin -> digitalWrite pin LOW
waitButton mv goal = do
val <- takeMVar mv
when (val /= goal) (waitButton mv goal)
loop mv = forM_ ledPins $ \led -> do
digitalWrite led HIGH
waitButton mv HIGH
digitalWrite buzzerPin HIGH
waitButton mv LOW
digitalWrite buzzerPin LOW
digitalWrite led LOW
main = do
forM_ outputPins $ \pin -> pinMode pin OUTPUT
pinMode buttonPin INPUT
pullUpDnControl buttonPin PUD_OFF -- Fish Dish has an external pulldown
mv <- newEmptyMVar
wiringPiISR buttonPin INT_EDGE_BOTH (digitalRead buttonPin >>= putMVar mv)
putStrLn "(Press control-C to exit)"
putStrLn "Press the button on the Fish Dish..."
forever (loop mv) `finally` turnOff