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Basic visual elements for Polymer.dart

A port of polymer.js' polymer-ui-elements to Polymer.dart. The intent of the authors is to contribute the work to the Dart project itself (https://www.dartlang.org).

Non-visual elements for Dart can be found in


  • The Dart source files of an element often contain some documentation (Dartdoc) how to use the element. You can also find this documentation online at
  • DartDoc

    We were not able to build JavaScript versions of the demo pages for polymer_ui_elements. The high number of entry pages (examples) in this library leads to out of memory errors with pub build. Just using the polymer_ui_elements in your app won't lead to this kind of error.

    The demo pages linked below are from an earlier build and have been improved a lot since then.

The source code of these demo pages can be found in the example subdirectory of the package. The actual implementation of the demo page is often outsourced to files in the example/src/element_name subdirectory.


  • add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:
  • to import a polymer_ui_element into your entry page HTML file, add the following line inside the <head> tag before any of the Dart and polymer <script> tags:
    <link rel="import" href="packages/polymer_ui_elements/polymer_ui_accordion/polymer_ui_accordion.html">
  • to import a polymer_ui_element into any of your custom polymer elements, add the following line into your Polymer element HTML file before the <polymer-element name="my-element"> start tag:
    <link rel="import" href="../../../packages/polymer_ui_elements/polymer_ui_icon/polymer_ui_icon.html">


Your feedback is very much appreciated. We are excited to hear about your experience using polymer_ui_elements. We need your feedback to continually improve the qualtiy.

Just Create a New Issue

General notes

  • Current development status requires Dart SDK Dart version (DEV)


Element name Status Comment Demo
polymer-ui-accordion ported demo
polymer‑ui‑animated‑pages not started
polymer-ui-arrow ported demo
polymer-ui-breadcrumbs ported demo
polymer-ui-card ported depends on pointer events which are not yet available demo
polymer-ui-clock not started
polymer-ui-collapsible ported demo
polymer-ui-dark-theme not started
polymer-ui-field ported demo
polymer-ui-icon ported demo
polymer-ui-icon-button ported demo
polymer-ui-iconset not started
polymer-ui-light-theme not started
polymer-ui-line-chart not started
polymer-ui-menu ported demo
polymer-ui-menu-button ported depends on polymer-overlay which are not ye ported demo, demo (parallax)
polymer-ui-menu-item ported demo
polymer-ui-nav-arrow ported demo
polymer-ui-overlay not started
polymer-ui-pages ported demo
polymer-ui-ratings ported demo
polymer-ui-scaffold ported depends on polymer-overlay which is not yet ported demo
polymer-ui-sidebar ported demo
polymer-ui-sidebar-header ported demo
polymer-ui-sidebar-menu ported demo
polymer-ui-splitter ported depends on pointer events which are not yet available demo
polymer-ui-stock not started
polymer-ui-submenu-item ported demo
polymer-ui-tabs ported has issues demo
polymer-ui-theme-aware ported (has no demo page)
polymer-ui-toggle-button ported demo
polymer-ui-toolbar ported demo
polymer-ui-weather not started


BSD 3-clause license (see LICENSE file).

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