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# This file is the script which you call from the command line
# there shouldn't be too much that needs changing here
// composer autoload file
require_once __DIR__ ."/../vendor/autoload.php";
// as castle23 is dependend on the king23 framework, we have to do
// a bit of king23 / knight23 stuff here
// load the king23 DI container
/** @var \King23\DI\DependencyContainer $container */
$container = require_once __DIR__ ."/../config/services.php";
// the knight23 runner used for castle23
/** @var \Knight23\Core\Knight23 $knight23 */
$knight23 = $container->getInstanceOf(\Knight23\Core\RunnerInterface::class);
// set package name and version for self-updater etc.
$knight23->setVersion("0.0.0"); // Hint: I wouldn't update this manually (rmt is doing it for me)
// add commands
// if we create a runable phar of our app, then this can be useful..
// $knight23->addCommand(\Knight23\Core\Command\SelfUpdateCommand::class);
// register the serve command
// <picard-voice>Engage!</picard-voice>
$knight23->run($argc, $argv);