EVE Online Fitting Manager for WordPress
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EVE Online Fitting Manager for WordPress

Build your own fitting and doctrine overview in WordPress



This plugin works best with WordPress themes utilizing the Bootstrap Framework. If your Theme doesn't use it, you might end up having to tweak it here and there a bit. Works best with the EVE Online WordPress Theme


  • WordPress 4.7 or newer
  • PHP 7


To install the plugin simply download the archive or one of the releases, unzip it, rename the folder to eve-online-fitting-manager (this is important, or automatic updates might cause trouble) and copy the folder into your plugin directory in your WordPress installation.

Set Up

Now go to your Pages menu in your WordPress Backend and add a new page called "Fittings" or what ever you like it to be called. Make sure you set the page template to "Fittings", otherwise the plugin will not recognize this page as it's own. Than go to Settings -> Permalinks and hit the "Save Changes" button in order to make sure everything works just fine. Start managing your fittings under the "Fittings" Menu in your Dashboard.