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EVE Online Killboard Widget for WordPress

Show your latest kills (and losses if you're brave enough) in your WordPress Sidebar

This widget connects to zKillboard and parses the latest x-amount of kills for you to display in your sidebar.



This plugin works best with WordPress themes utilizing the Bootstrap Framework. If your Theme doesn't use it, you might end up having to tweak it here and there a bit. Works best with the EVE Online WordPress Theme


  • WordPress 4.7 or newer
  • PHP 7
  • PHP extension zlib needs to be installed


  • Simply download the archive or one of the releases
  • Unzip it
  • Rename the folder to eve-online-killboard-widget (This is important, otherwise automatic updates might not work as expected)
  • Copy the folder into your plugin directory in your WordPress installation.

Set Up

  • Find your widget in Appearance -> Widgets and select the EVE Online Killboard Widget.
  • Drag and drop this widget into a sidebar and set it up there. The settings are self explaining, I hope.

Additional Information

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