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This CSS3 Font Converter is a shell script that allows developers, using a
command line, to convert a set of TTF and OTF fonts into all the other
currently used CSS3 @font-face formats (i.e. EOT, SVG, WOFF).
Syntax: <filelist>
For example, if you wanted to convert all the .ttf files in the directory
you are in, you could type in the command:
$ *.ttf
The fonts will then be converted to the .eot, .woff, and .svg formats. It
will also generate a stylesheet, stylesheet.css, that will produce the
@font-face rules using The New Bulletproof @Font-Face Syntax.
If you are converting .otf fonts, a .ttf font will be generated first before
the other fonts.
Windows (using Cygwin), OS X and Linux (tested on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick
Meerkat). Please let us know if you find it works on others.
The shell script that uses FontForge, sfnt2woff
and either EOTFast or ttf2eot. Full instructions on how to install these
packages are at:
This code is released under the LGPL. License can be found at
Any bug reports, fixes or feature requests:
Code available at
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