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// This file is part of Moodle -
// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
// (at your option) any later version.
// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
* Defines the base class form used by blocks/edit.php to edit block instance configuration.
* It works with the {@link block_edit_form} class, or rather the particular
* subclass defined by this block, to do the editing.
* @package core
* @subpackage block
* @copyright 2009 Tim Hunt
* @license GNU GPL v3 or later
if (!defined('MOODLE_INTERNAL')) {
die('Direct access to this script is forbidden.'); /// It must be included from a Moodle page
require_once($CFG->libdir . '/formslib.php');
require_once($CFG->libdir . '/blocklib.php');
* The base class form used by blocks/edit.php to edit block instance configuration.
* @copyright 2009 Tim Hunt
* @license GNU GPL v3 or later
class block_edit_form extends moodleform {
* The block instance we are editing.
* @var block_base
public $block;
* The page we are editing this block in association with.
* @var moodle_page
public $page;
function __construct($actionurl, $block, $page) {
global $CFG;
$this->block = $block;
$this->page = $page;
function definition() {
$mform =& $this->_form;
// First show fields specific to this type of block.
// Then show the fields about where this block appears.
$mform->addElement('header', 'whereheader', get_string('wherethisblockappears', 'block'));
// If the current weight of the block is out-of-range, add that option in.
$blockweight = $this->block->instance->weight;
$weightoptions = array();
if ($blockweight < -block_manager::MAX_WEIGHT) {
$weightoptions[$blockweight] = $blockweight;
for ($i = -block_manager::MAX_WEIGHT; $i <= block_manager::MAX_WEIGHT; $i++) {
$weightoptions[$i] = $i;
if ($blockweight > block_manager::MAX_WEIGHT) {
$weightoptions[$blockweight] = $blockweight;
$first = reset($weightoptions);
$weightoptions[$first] = get_string('bracketfirst', 'block', $first);
$last = end($weightoptions);
$weightoptions[$last] = get_string('bracketlast', 'block', $last);
$regionoptions = $this->page->theme->get_all_block_regions();
$parentcontext = get_context_instance_by_id($this->block->instance->parentcontextid);
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'bui_parentcontextid', $parentcontext->id);
$mform->addElement('static', 'bui_homecontext', get_string('createdat', 'block'), print_context_name($parentcontext));
$mform->addHelpButton('bui_homecontext', 'createdat', 'block');
// For pre-calculated (fixed) pagetype lists
$pagetypelist = array();
// parse pagetype patterns
$bits = explode('-', $this->page->pagetype);
// First of all, check if we are editing blocks @ front-page or no and
// make some dark magic if so (MDL-30340) because each page context
// implies one (and only one) harcoded page-type that will be set later
// when processing the form data at {@link block_manager::process_url_edit()}
// There are some conditions to check related to contexts
$ctxconditions = $this->page->context->contextlevel == CONTEXT_COURSE &&
$this->page->context->instanceid == get_site()->id;
// And also some pagetype conditions
$pageconditions = isset($bits[0]) && isset($bits[1]) && $bits[0] == 'site' && $bits[1] == 'index';
// So now we can be 100% sure if edition is happening at frontpage
$editingatfrontpage = $ctxconditions && $pageconditions;
// Let the form to know about that, can be useful later
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'bui_editingatfrontpage', (int)$editingatfrontpage);
// Front page, show the page-contexts element and set $pagetypelist to 'any page' (*)
// as unique option. Processign the form will do any change if needed
if ($editingatfrontpage) {
$contextoptions = array();
$contextoptions[BUI_CONTEXTS_FRONTPAGE_ONLY] = get_string('showonfrontpageonly', 'block');
$contextoptions[BUI_CONTEXTS_FRONTPAGE_SUBS] = get_string('showonfrontpageandsubs', 'block');
$contextoptions[BUI_CONTEXTS_ENTIRE_SITE] = get_string('showonentiresite', 'block');
$mform->addElement('select', 'bui_contexts', get_string('contexts', 'block'), $contextoptions);
$mform->addHelpButton('bui_contexts', 'contexts', 'block');
$pagetypelist['*'] = '*'; // This is not going to be shown ever, it's an unique option
// Any other system context block, hide the page-contexts element,
// it's always system-wide BUI_CONTEXTS_ENTIRE_SITE
} else if ($parentcontext->contextlevel == CONTEXT_SYSTEM) {
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'bui_contexts', BUI_CONTEXTS_ENTIRE_SITE);
} else if ($parentcontext->contextlevel == CONTEXT_COURSE) {
// 0 means display on current context only, not child contexts
// but if course managers select mod-* as pagetype patterns, block system will overwrite this option
// to 1 (display on current context and child contexts)
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'bui_contexts', BUI_CONTEXTS_CURRENT);
} else if ($parentcontext->contextlevel == CONTEXT_MODULE or $parentcontext->contextlevel == CONTEXT_USER) {
// module context doesn't have child contexts, so display in current context only
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'bui_contexts', BUI_CONTEXTS_CURRENT);
} else {
$parentcontextname = print_context_name($parentcontext);
$contextoptions[BUI_CONTEXTS_CURRENT] = get_string('showoncontextonly', 'block', $parentcontextname);
$contextoptions[BUI_CONTEXTS_CURRENT_SUBS] = get_string('showoncontextandsubs', 'block', $parentcontextname);
$mform->addElement('select', 'bui_contexts', get_string('contexts', 'block'), $contextoptions);
// Generate pagetype patterns by callbacks if necessary (has not been set specifically)
if (empty($pagetypelist)) {
$pagetypelist = generate_page_type_patterns($this->page->pagetype, $parentcontext, $this->page->context);
$displaypagetypewarning = false;
if (!array_key_exists($this->block->instance->pagetypepattern, $pagetypelist)) {
// Pushing block's existing page type pattern
$pagetypestringname = 'page-'.str_replace('*', 'x', $this->block->instance->pagetypepattern);
if (get_string_manager()->string_exists($pagetypestringname, 'pagetype')) {
$pagetypelist[$this->block->instance->pagetypepattern] = get_string($pagetypestringname, 'pagetype');
} else {
//as a last resort we could put the page type pattern in the select box
//however this causes mod-data-view to be added if the only option available is mod-data-*
// so we are just showing a warning to users about their prev setting being reset
$displaypagetypewarning = true;
// hide page type pattern select box if there is only one choice
if (count($pagetypelist) > 1) {
if ($displaypagetypewarning) {
$mform->addElement('static', 'pagetypewarning', '', get_string('pagetypewarning','block'));
$mform->addElement('select', 'bui_pagetypepattern', get_string('restrictpagetypes', 'block'), $pagetypelist);
} else {
$values = array_keys($pagetypelist);
$value = array_pop($values);
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'bui_pagetypepattern', $value);
// Now we are really hiding a lot (both page-contexts and page-type-patterns),
// specially in some systemcontext pages having only one option (my/user...)
// so, until it's decided if we are going to add the 'bring-back' pattern to
// all those pages or no (see MDL-30574), we are going to show the unique
// element statically
// TODO: Revisit this once MDL-30574 has been decided and implemented, although
// perhaps it's not bad to always show this statically when only one pattern is
// available.
if (!$editingatfrontpage) {
// Try to beautify it
$strvalue = $value;
$strkey = 'page-'.str_replace('*', 'x', $strvalue);
if (get_string_manager()->string_exists($strkey, 'pagetype')) {
$strvalue = get_string($strkey, 'pagetype');
// Show as static (hidden has been set already)
$mform->addElement('static', 'bui_staticpagetypepattern',
get_string('restrictpagetypes','block'), $strvalue);
if ($this->page->subpage) {
if ($parentcontext->contextlevel == CONTEXT_USER) {
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'bui_subpagepattern', '%@NULL@%');
} else {
$subpageoptions = array(
'%@NULL@%' => get_string('anypagematchingtheabove', 'block'),
$this->page->subpage => get_string('thisspecificpage', 'block', $this->page->subpage),
$mform->addElement('select', 'bui_subpagepattern', get_string('subpages', 'block'), $subpageoptions);
$defaultregionoptions = $regionoptions;
$defaultregion = $this->block->instance->defaultregion;
if (!array_key_exists($defaultregion, $defaultregionoptions)) {
$defaultregionoptions[$defaultregion] = $defaultregion;
$mform->addElement('select', 'bui_defaultregion', get_string('defaultregion', 'block'), $defaultregionoptions);
$mform->addHelpButton('bui_defaultregion', 'defaultregion', 'block');
$mform->addElement('select', 'bui_defaultweight', get_string('defaultweight', 'block'), $weightoptions);
$mform->addHelpButton('bui_defaultweight', 'defaultweight', 'block');
// Where this block is positioned on this page.
$mform->addElement('header', 'onthispage', get_string('onthispage', 'block'));
$mform->addElement('selectyesno', 'bui_visible', get_string('visible', 'block'));
$blockregion = $this->block->instance->region;
if (!array_key_exists($blockregion, $regionoptions)) {
$regionoptions[$blockregion] = $blockregion;
$mform->addElement('select', 'bui_region', get_string('region', 'block'), $regionoptions);
$mform->addElement('select', 'bui_weight', get_string('weight', 'block'), $weightoptions);
$pagefields = array('bui_visible', 'bui_region', 'bui_weight');
if (!$this->block->user_can_edit()) {
if (!$this->page->user_can_edit_blocks()) {
function set_data($defaults) {
// Prefix bui_ on all the core field names.
$blockfields = array('showinsubcontexts', 'pagetypepattern', 'subpagepattern', 'parentcontextid',
'defaultregion', 'defaultweight', 'visible', 'region', 'weight');
foreach ($blockfields as $field) {
$newname = 'bui_' . $field;
$defaults->$newname = $defaults->$field;
// Copy block config into config_ fields.
if (!empty($this->block->config)) {
foreach ($this->block->config as $field => $value) {
$configfield = 'config_' . $field;
$defaults->$configfield = $value;
// Munge ->subpagepattern becuase HTML selects don't play nicely with NULLs.
if (empty($defaults->bui_subpagepattern)) {
$defaults->bui_subpagepattern = '%@NULL@%';
$systemcontext = context_system::instance();
if ($defaults->parentcontextid == $systemcontext->id) {
$defaults->bui_contexts = BUI_CONTEXTS_ENTIRE_SITE; // System-wide and sticky
} else {
$defaults->bui_contexts = $defaults->bui_showinsubcontexts;
* Override this to create any form fields specific to this type of block.
* @param object $mform the form being built.
protected function specific_definition($mform) {
// By default, do nothing.
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