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Quoridor in D

This is a command line interface to the board game Quoridor, with an AI that is actually pretty good, better than any I've found on teh internetz. It regularly beats me with only 5 seconds to think.

To compile, you'll need a D compiler. Then just run dmd quoridor_cli.d board.d and it should spit out an executable called quoridor_cli.

Once compiled you can run the program:

./quoridor_cli {time for player 1} {time for player 2} {initial move 1} ...

Where {time for player 1/2} is the amount of time (in seconds) you want a computer to have to think. Use 0 for a human player.

All moves are in the notation that is used in the quoridor wikipedia article (edited by me, not surprisingly). When placing a wall the numbers and letters refer to the intersection below and to the right of the corresponding square.