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Commits on Jul 26, 2012
  1. @evelynhung

    Merge pull request #2847 from timdream/airplane-mode

    evelynhung committed
    Clean up airplane mode logic, follow up of #2826
  2. @timdream
  3. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #2870 from gregorwagner/settings

    vingtetun committed
    add keyboard setting
  4. @gregorwagner2

    add keyboard setting

    gregorwagner2 committed
  5. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #2861 from borjasalguero/bug_sms_transitions

    vingtetun committed
    [SMS] Transitions fixed following Andreas suggestion
  6. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #2864 from alivedise/fix-keyboard-disappear

    vingtetun committed
    Fix - keyboard stay after modal dialog disappear
  7. @alivedise

    [F] keyboard stay

    alivedise committed
  8. @timdream
  9. @borjasalguero

    Transitions fixed

    borjasalguero committed
  10. @borjasalguero

    Some transitions updated

    borjasalguero committed
  11. @fcampo

    Merge pull request #2856 from borjasalguero/bug_sms_escapehtml

    fcampo committed
    [SMS] 'Escape HTML' method fixed.
  12. @timdream
  13. @timdream
  14. @timdream

    + Geolocation handling

    timdream committed
  15. @timdream

    + mobile data handling

    timdream committed
  16. @borjasalguero
  17. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #2858 from vingtetun/master

    vingtetun committed
    all->moz-transform for the keyboard animation
  18. @jimporter

    Merge pull request #2829 from mozsquib/master

    jimporter committed
    Add basic ActiveSync support
  19. @timdream

    remove previousSettings

    timdream committed
  20. @borjasalguero

    Clean code and linting

    borjasalguero committed
  21. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #2806 from ian-liu/apply_visual_design_for_main_an…

    vingtetun committed
    Apply visual design for main/attention page.
  22. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #2787 from RayCheung/fm-IxDv7

    vingtetun committed
    Implement IxDv7
  23. @borjasalguero

    Try break line replacement

    borjasalguero committed
  24. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #2855 from fabricedesre/music-unknown-files

    vingtetun committed
    Call the error callback when appropriate
  25. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #2854 from ochameau/webapp-manifests-fix

    vingtetun committed
    Ignore webapps folder without manifest.webapp files.
  26. @vingtetun
  27. @PinZhang
  28. @fabricedesre
  29. @ochameau
  30. @steveck-chung

    Merge pull request #2846 from borjasalguero/feature_sms_screens

    steveck-chung committed
    [SMS] UX fixing. New screens added.
  31. @fabricedesre
  32. @timdream

    Follow up #2795

    timdream committed
  33. @borjasalguero

    Steve suggestion

    borjasalguero committed
  34. @timdream

    Merge pull request #2849 from timdream/lockscreen-v1-animate2

    timdream committed
    Don't animate the lockscreen arrows if we'd move away from the panel
  35. @timdream
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