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PhoneGap Symbian Qt

PhoneGap Symbian Qt is a Symbian OS Application framework, built upon the Qt framework for Symbian, which allow a developer to build a native application for Symbian S60 devices using web technologies. The same set of web application files can be ported to PhoneGap BlackBerry, iPhone, Android & Palm.


In order to build PhoneGap Symbian Qt, the following tools are required:

  1. Carbide C++ (Optional, required only for PhoneGap Developers as opposed to PhoneGap users)
  2. ActiverPerl v5
  3. S60 SDK (3rd Ed. FP1 or higher. But probably 5th edition). Ensure you run plugins/vistapatch if you are on ms vista.
  4. Open C/C++ Plugin
  5. Qt 4.6 for Symbian (

Info on 1-4:

Getting Started

  1. Copy or create your index.html and associated js, css, and assets to phonegap-symbian.qt/framework/www/.
  2. Run Start -> Programs -> Qt for Symbian by Nokia v4.6.0 -> Qt for Symbian command prompt, cd to phonegap-symbian.qt/, and run one of the following make targets.

Make targets:

  • make run : to build your application and run it in the S60 emulator
  • make build : to build a .sis file for deployment to a device

Some of the device features used by PhoneGap require Application signing. Refer to for info on the different types. Use Open Signed Online to quickly get a signed sis file which can be installed to one device only.

Changing App Name

Open the file phonegap-symbian.qt/framework/PhoneGap.pkg, and change PhoneGap to your app name in the following lines:

; standard SIS file header #{"PhoneGap"},(0xE666C00E),1,0,0

Using the Debug Console

Open the file phonegap-symbian.qt/framework/src/BrowserView.cpp, and change the showConsole variable to true:

const bool showConsole = true;

Then to print to the debug console from javascript, simply use



  • APIs complete so far: Geolocation, Vibration, Accelerometer, Orientation
  • Still in development; report bugs to the phonegap google group at
  • the files in www folder are indexed when qmake is run ... if you add any new files to the www folder, you need to run qmake again to re-index these files. if you are just changing the files, then you shouldn't have to. but if you find that the web assets are not getting updated when you build, run qmake again.