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Zurich Beamer Theme

The Zurich beamer theme is a simplistic theme for Beamer, a fairly popular LaTeX class for creating presentations. The theme is heavily based on the excellent Flip Beamer template and I mainly changed the main colors from to red to blue.

Example slide


  1. Install XeLaTeX and latexmk (not really required).
  2. Clone the git repository from github git clone git@github.com:ppletscher/beamerthemeposterzurich.git.
  3. run make to compile the file example_talk.tex.
  4. If you like the theme, simply copy the files appendixnumberbeamer.sty, beamercolorthemeZurich.sty, beamerfontthemeZurich.sty, beamerinnerthemeZurich.sty, beamerouterthemeZurich.sty and beamerthemeZurich.sty to a path where LaTeX is looking for additional code, such as ~/texmf.