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Nouvelles données GTFS.

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@@ -24,10 +24,10 @@
#starting_date and end_date MUST be defined if municipal data is imported
-start_date = '20110118'
-end_date = '20110501'
+start_date = '20110425'
+end_date = '20110701'
-star_data = import_gtfs_data('', 'Metro Bus STAR')
+star_data = import_gtfs_data('', 'Metro Bus STAR')
metro_data = import_freq_data('Metro a', 'data_rennes/metro/nodes.csv', 'data_rennes/metro/edges.csv', start_date, end_date)
#Create relevant layers from previously imported data (origin paramater) with a name, a color and the mode.
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