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This script reproduces Figure 5 with the following caption in the paper submitted to ICML 2019:
Comparing PPO and PPO-CMA in the MuJoCo Humanoid-v2 environment, showing means and standard deviations of training curves from 3 runs with different random seeds.
NOTE: To make the code faster, only data series PPO (N = 32k) and PPO-CMA (N = 32k) are reproduced in this script.
NOTE: Final plot is saved in a file called "HumanoidPlot.png".
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
from matplotlib import rc
import os
from Run import main
def Reproduce_Results():
for alg in range(2):
running_ppo = alg == 0
for r in range(3):
, mode="PPO" if running_ppo else "PPO-CMA-m"
, learning_rate=5e-4
, ppo_epsilon=0.0025
, ppo_ent_l_w=0
, max_steps=1e7
, iter_steps=32000
, render=False
, batch_size=128 if running_ppo else 512
, history_buffer_size=9
, n_updates=100
, verbose=False
, run_suffix=str(r + 1)
rc('figure', figsize=(14, 7))
rc('font', size=14)
rc('axes.spines', top=False, right=False)
rc('axes', grid=False)
rc('axes', facecolor='white')
data_series = [
'title': 'PPO-CMA (N = 32k)',
'color': 'g',
'draw': True,
'dir_list': ['PPO-CMA-m-Humanoid-v2-batch_size=512,iter_steps=32000-H=9-1'
, 'PPO-CMA-m-Humanoid-v2-batch_size=512,iter_steps=32000-H=9-2'
, 'PPO-CMA-m-Humanoid-v2-batch_size=512,iter_steps=32000-H=9-3']
'title': 'PPO (N = 32k)',
'color': 'm',
'draw': True,
'dir_list': ['PPO-Humanoid-v2-batch_size=128,iter_steps=32000-epsilon=0.003-ppo_ent_l_w=0.00-1'
, 'PPO-Humanoid-v2-batch_size=128,iter_steps=32000-epsilon=0.003-ppo_ent_l_w=0.00-2'
, 'PPO-Humanoid-v2-batch_size=128,iter_steps=32000-epsilon=0.003-ppo_ent_l_w=0.00-3']
base_dir = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'Results')
n_runs = 3
max_steps = int(1e7)
fig = plt.figure()
ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
ax.set_xlabel('Simulation steps')
ax.set_ylabel('Average episode return')
ax.ticklabel_format(style='sci', scilimits=(-3, 4), axis='x')
x_steps = np.arange(0, max_steps)
def find_indices(col_names):
indices = {}
for i in range(len(col_names)):
indices[col_names[i]] = i
return indices
for data_pack in data_series:
if data_pack['draw']:
color = data_pack['color']
all_rewards_np = np.zeros((n_runs, max_steps))
for r in range(n_runs):
path = os.path.join(base_dir, data_pack['dir_list'][r], 'progress.csv')
col_names = np.genfromtxt(path, max_rows=1, delimiter=',', dtype=str)
# 'Total iterations, Total timesteps, Average policy std, Episode reward mean'
col_indices = find_indices(col_names)
new_data = np.genfromtxt(path, skip_header=1, delimiter=',', dtype=np.float32)
rews = new_data[:, col_indices['Episode reward mean']]
steps = new_data[:, col_indices['Total timesteps']]
last_step = int(0)
for it in range(rews.shape[0]):
new_step = min(int(steps[it]), max_steps)
all_rewards_np[r, last_step:new_step] = rews[it]
last_step = new_step
if last_step > max_steps:
all_rewards_mean = np.mean(all_rewards_np, axis=0)
all_rewards_std = np.std(all_rewards_np, axis=0)
ax.plot(x_steps, all_rewards_mean, color=color, label=data_pack['title'])
ax.fill_between(x_steps, all_rewards_mean - all_rewards_std / 2, all_rewards_mean + all_rewards_std / 2
, color=color, alpha=0.25)
leg = ax.legend(loc='best')
for line in leg.get_lines():
fig.savefig(os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'HumanoidPlot.png'), bbox_inches='tight', pad_inches=0, dpi=200)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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