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[Development indefinitely suspended] A better way to manage your hosts.
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A Better Way to Manage Your Hosts. Homepage


  • Provide swift switch between different hosts files
  • Automatic update of online hosts
  • Import hosts file by dragging them into the sidebar
  • Export and import hosts files
  • Support hosts sorting through dragging
  • Export hosts file to Surge config file

Known Issues

  • Hosts will not save on sidebar status switch/edit button clicking
  • Wrong window height/width when maximized on Windows
  • Window get ghost shadows sometimes on OS X
  • Get black background on startup on Linux due to graphics issues (Electron#2170), and this will soon disappear
  • If the tray icon does not appears on Linux, you need to install libappindicator1 according to Electron#1347



  • Node.js
  • Gulp

Get the code:

git clone
cd Hozz
npm install


  • gulp: Compile, build and copy files to /app
  • gulp clean: Delete the built files, including /app and /build
  • gulp watch: Watch the /src directory and automatically build on file change
  • gulp package: Pack with Electron for releasing(ia32 and x64), need to run gulp clean before this
  • gulp package-uncompressed: Same as the former one but with no file deleted or compressed. This is for some legacy system like Windows 7


  • Multilanguage support
  • Manifest and hosts sync based on cloud services
  • Better text searching and editing experience
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