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Ujorm Framework

The Ujorm is an open source Java small library which provides non-traditional objects based on the key-value architecture to open up new exciting opportunities for writing efficient code. This library offers a unique ORM module designed for rapid Java development with great performance and a small footprint. The key features are type safe database queries, relation mapping by Java code, no entity states and a memory overloading protection cache.

Why a new ORM mapping?

The Ujorm (original name was UJO Framework) is designed primarily for the rapid Java development based on a relation database.

  • java compiler can discover a syntax error of Ujorm database query similar like 4GL database languages
  • easy to configure the ORM model by java source code, optionally by annotations and a XML file
  • great performance, some types of SELECT query are very fast in comparison to its competitors
  • lazy loading or the one request data loading of relations are supported optionally as a fetch strategy
  • database tables, columns and indexes can be optionally updated according to Java meta-model in the run-time
  • no confusing proxy or binary modified business objects
  • very lightweight framework with no library dependencies in the run-time

Some other features

  • batch SQL statements for more rows like INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE are supported
  • features LIMIT and OFFSET are available from the API
  • nested transactions are supported using the partially implemented JTA
  • resources for ORM mapping can be a database table, view or native SQL SELECT
  • subset of table columns on SELECT can be specified for the SQL statement
  • JDBC query parameters are passed by a 'question mark' notation to the PreparedStatement for a high security
  • stored database procedures and functions are supported
  • all persistent objects are based on the interface OrmUjo, namely on the implementation OrmTable
  • internal object cache is based on the WeakHashMap class so that large transactions does not cause any OutOfMemoryException
  • database indexes are created by the meta-model, added support for unique, non-unique indexes including the composed one

Home Pages



Maven Repository

The ORM module:


Module for Apache Wicket integration:


How to open the Ujorm project

The Java 7.0 is required to compile of the project souces, the Java 6+ is required to runtime. Use a one of the preferred tools to open the project:

  • NetBeans IDE,
  • InteliJ IDEA,
  • Eclipse with some Maven pluggin, or use the
  • Maven toolkit if you like a console command line


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