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This is the iOS version of WhatsThis

It is an example to show how to use the single file version of mxnet to get Deep Learning on mobile device.

Leliana's WhatsThis is for Andriod and this one is for iOS.

It is a quick implementation and mostly self explained. I didn't compile mxnet as a framework in this project. I simply add a source file and a header file of mxnet and compile it with the other code.

If you are interested in compiling mxnet as a framework/library for iOS, you can find a blog post (in Chinese) here.

This repository is large (~50 MB) because I put in a pre-trained model file for convenience. It is the Inception-1K model from the model gallery of mxnet. You should be able to replace it with any other pre-trained models.

About the performance, it takes about 4 seconds (estimated) on iPhone 6 to process an image.

Please direct any advanced question to the mxnet developers.