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A simple sentiment summarizer as a Chrome extension

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Sentiment Summarizer

A chrome extension that shows a sentiment summary for web pages which
contain opinionated texts marked with Review micro formats (see 
It features a hack that allows to analyze twitter feeds: 
1) Issue a query on twitter; 2) press the page reload button; 
3) wait for up to 5 sec until the page action is triggered. 

The sentiment summarizer extension comprises three components: 

  * Content script
    `contentScript.js` scrapes the review texts from the web page and submits
    a post request to The resulting scores are
    send to the background page.
  * background.html
    The background page listens for messages from the content script. When a 
    message arrives the review stats are stored in an associative array mapping
    a tab id to the review stats. Finally, it calls the `show` method of 
    the popup page action.
  * popup.html
    The popup page action retrieves the tab stats from the background page
    and displays them.

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