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Training code of pre-activation ResNet on ImageNet. It follows the setup in fb.resnet.torch (except for the weight decay) and gets similar performance (with much fewer lines of code). Models can be downloaded here.

Model Top 5 Error Top 1 Error
ResNet 18 10.67% 29.50%
ResNet 34 8.66% 26.45%
ResNet 50 7.13% 24.12%
ResNet 101 6.54% 22.89%


This script only converts and runs ImageNet-ResNet{50,101,152} Caffe models released by Kaiming.

Example usage:

# convert caffe model to npy format
python -m tensorpack.utils.loadcaffe PATH/TO/{ResNet-101-deploy.prototxt,ResNet-101-model.caffemodel} ResNet101.npy
# run on an image
./ --load ResNet-101.npy --input cat.jpg --depth 101

The converted models are verified on ILSVRC12 validation set. The per-pixel mean used here is slightly different from the original.

Model Top 5 Error Top 1 Error
ResNet 50 7.89% 25.03%
ResNet 101 7.16% 23.74%
ResNet 152 6.81% 23.28%

Reproduce pre-activation ResNet on CIFAR10.

The train error shown here is a moving average of the error rate of each batch in training. The validation error here is computed on test set.


Also see a DenseNet implementation of the paper Densely Connected Convolutional Networks.