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Allow searching of Chinese in VIM by the first letter of Chinese pinyin. Vim中允许使用拼音首字母搜索中文. The program is also available at


  1. copy PinyinSearch.vim to your plugin directory (or through bundle)

  2. specify the location of dict file in your .vimrc, e.g.:

    let g:PinyinSearch_Dict = $HOME . '/.vim/bundle/vim-PinyinSearch/PinyinSearch.dict'
  3. (optional)add your custom key map, e.g.:

    nnoremap ? :call PinyinSearch()<CR>
    " I suggest using '?' to search Pinyin (since we have 'N', why using ? to search backward)
    nnoremap <Leader>pn :call PinyinNext()<CR>


The plugin provides two functions:

  1. call PinyinSearch() and enter the target characters (first letters of the word), then all the matching characters will be searched and highlighted, you can use 'n' and 'N' to navigate.

  2. During a normal search (i.e. you are searching for pure english), call PinyinNext() and all the matching Chinese will also be searched.

  1. PinyinSearch()函数接受首字母输入,将高亮所有匹配的中英文,并允许用n,N跳转搜索结果.

  2. 正在用'/'搜索英文时,调用PinyinNext()函数可以将匹配的中文也加入搜索.


----------START OF EXAMPLE FILE----------------

----------END OF EXAMPLE FILE----------------

In normal mode, enter '/dn' , then "dn" will be highlighted. Then, call PinyinNext(), then "大能" and "都能" will also be highlighted, and the cursor will jump to "大能".

Or you can call PinyinSearch() and enter 'dn' (or just '?dn' if you use my key mapping), both English and Chinese will be searched.