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My own vim setup. The goal is to have one setup file for windows/OSX/Linux
Main language is PHP and Python.
How to install:
1. git clone
2. for OSX and Linux:
cd ~
ln -s /path/to/wpvim/.vimrc .vimrc
ln -s /path/to/wpvim/.vim .vim
3. for windows use mklink
mklink /d .vim \path\to\wpvim\.vim
mklink .vimrc \path\to\wpvim\.vimrc
*NOTE* : In windows, edit wpvim\.vimrc if you need to edit the options, otherwise windows will create a .vimrc file to replace the link.
4. git submodule update --init --recursive
How to install command-t
1. make sure Vim is compiled with ruby support.
2. make sure ruby is installed.
3. in windows , follow the steps here:
4. go to ruby/command-t
5. ruby extconf.rb
6. make
Ctags.exe in windows
1. Download ctags from
2. put ctags.exe in $HOME/ctags
Vimpress setup
1. create a file in your $HOME folder called 'vimrepressrc'
2. Enter your blog information:
let VIMPRESS = [{'username':'user',