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PQAI: Patent Quality Artificial Intelligence

An AI-powered tool for running prior-art checks.

PQAI takes plain language invention description as input and finds similar prior work within patents and other technical literature. It uses a number of machine learning (ML) models to parse the input, find similar prior-art, and present the results. The ML models of PQAI have been trained on past patent examination records.

PQAI Architecture


Use to run prior-art searches.

API Access

PQAI can be plugged into other apps easily through API integration. Refer to the API Usage Guide for details.

Deploy locally for experimention or development

Detailed instructions are available on PQAI Wiki


The project is open-source under the MIT license.


Please create an issue if you need help.


We welcome contributions. Please take a look at our guidelines to understand how you can contribute to PQAI.


Write to